Welcome to GES!

These are only the main categories of our product range. Hence the huge product list, we kindly ask you to contact us, at any time, with your specific needs.



Self-sealing pop rivets


It prevents the passage of vapor or liquid through the set rivet. They also provide 100% mandrel retention. This means the head of the mandrel that breaks off stays in the set rivet. This assures that it won't fall into your assembly and rattle around or short out electronics!.




Pre-Audit Inspection Services


GES provides Pre-Audit Inspection Services for review and implementation of food safety management programs, food security programs, and quality programs tailored to reflect the specific financial and staffing needs of a company.




Food grade silicone


Specially for kitchens and preparation areas.


Food grade bearing grease


FDA approved food grade bearing grease.

H-1: heavy load bearing grease for incidental contact e.g. rollers, chains etc.


All our greases and oils do not contain animal derived materials, nut oils or genetically modified ingredients.


Wash down systems


Low and high pressure.


Low pressure food grade hoses




Power transmission belts


Plummer blocks




Full range of tools and equipment from the world’s top leading brands.


Please, feel free to write to us a message/query about our products, equipments.















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